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Short-Term Toronto Property Management – How to Create A Hotel Experience

So, there you are, sitting at your desk, hustling throughout the day to make sure that your clients are having the best experience they possible can.

As a short-term property manager, you’ve dealt with everything from issues with booking to customer complaints. From the beginning of the customer process through to the end, you’ve been there to deal with it all.

It must be exhausting, the endless repetition of preparing, hosting, and cleaning up after your guests. Especially in a short-term rental hub like Toronto, the home of the Maple Leafs, the University of Toronto, and The Weeknd.

And yeah, maybe you expected this or thought it would come with the territory, but – and here’s something you probably haven’t heard before – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hear me out.

You own the property. You’ve already found out that using platforms like Airbnb is the most lucrative path forward for your properties. But my god, the time commitment. The work. The hours… and people call this a passive income stream?

Please. You deserve a break.

It feels more full-time than anything. It’s been taking up all of your time, leaving you less room than you’d like to vacation, or relax, or explore the world like you’ve probably always wanted.

Again, it doesn’t have to be this way. And there’s a simple way to solve this problem. All you need to do is create a hotel experience.

By saying that, I don’t mean making everything sanitized and impersonal. No. Instead, I mean outsourcing different parts of the rental process to professionals.

The cleaning? Hotels have people to do that, working within the checkout and check-in timeframe to ensure everything is good to go for new guests. Customer complaints? A customer service department. Even when guests are getting settled, there’s a reception area on hand to take care of that.

Now, obviously you can’t be hiring so many different companies to do all of these things for you. This is supposed to be passive. It’s not supposed to cost you up-front.

Instead, why not hire a tech-based property management company to do it for you? The booking, cleaning, troubleshooting… all-in-one?

Enter HostKick. As a property management company operating in Toronto, we will help you automate the entire process, increase sales, and create actual passive income for you so that you can relax and benefit more.

How? Well, let’s break it down.

Property Management Automates The Process

Maybe the biggest issue you’ve been facing is that time isn’t your own. You’ve been dealing constantly with turnover, customer issues, and a host of other things.

Yes, pun intended.

Now, all of that is expected because Toronto is an ever-popular market. Between the Toronto Zoo, the CN Tower, the Eaton Centre, and Ripley’s Aquarium, there’s always something for visitors to do in this paradise on the edge of Lake Ontario.

In turn, that creates a constant flow of work for you. But it doesn’t have to any longer. With a property manager like HostKick, the entire process (yes, the entire process) can be automated. You can get all of your free time back, and let us worry about creating a hotel experience for your guests.

Handling Your Airbnb Listing For Your Toronto Property

For your property to actually gain traction and bookings on Airbnb, it needs to be complete and professional. That includes taking flattering pictures of your space (and, unfortunately, taking down those Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner posters) and creating attractive descriptions. It can also include talking about how close you are to some of the attractions mentioned above, or even how easy it is to access those places using public transit.

Host Kick can do all of that for you so that you don’t have to. You see, we want you to have free time. We want you to make money. We want your life to be easier. And you get all of those things if you use a tech-driven, short-term property management company like us.

Interacting With Your Guests Throughout The Process

On top of that, your guests are going to have questions throughout the process. They’ll want to know about specifications before they book, and how they’ll get in, and where to address their complaints during their stays. For example, what if they want to know how to get to Sweet Jesus downtown?

It’s so easy to get bogged down answering those questions.

When you’re looking to engage in the sharing economy in Toronto, you’re going to face all of these questions. Probably because of its diverse culture, its dense population, natural beauty, and international importance.


To escape having to answer the same questions over and over, use a short-term property manager. We can create a hotel experience for your guests while you just sit back and watch the money come flowing in. It’s no problem. We’ll answer their questions, get them checked in, troubleshoot their problems, and ensure they have the best experience.

Just so you know, it’s actually pretty simple to get to Sweet Jesus, as it’s located in the heart of downtown. It’s accessible by multiple streetcars nearby and is only a short walk from St. Andrew’s subway station.

Doing Preparatory Work For Each Successive Toronto Guest

Who knows what your guests will be expecting? I mean, they’re choosing you on Airbnb because you’re in the location they want, with the space they need and all that… But what about specifics?

Leave that to a property manager. Your guests may want special types of shampoo, or specific foods in the fridge, or different types of tea to welcome them in.

Trying to accommodate each of their requests would probably be more than a full-time job. And, if you added it to everything from above, well… goodbye freedom.

And again, that’s where we come in. We’ll deal with your guests. We’ll handle their concerns, and make sure their short-term stay in the Big Smoke is nothing short of magical. And you maintain your 5-star rating!

So, yeah, it’s great for them. But, so far, doesn’t it sound great for you, too?

Increasing Your Income Stream On Your Short-Term Properties

More money, less work. That’s the dream that all property owners should be trying to achieve. I mean, think about it – is there anything better than sitting back, knowing your property is in good hands, and watching satisfied customer after satisfied customer go by while the money comes rolling in?

Just by using a property management company, you’re reducing the daily stresses of your life and increasing your property’s viability for rent. Why? Glad you asked.

The answer? Because the entire process is automated and professional.

More money, less work. So go relax, watch the Raptors kick ass, have some of the best ice cream in the city, and let us do the work.

Still not convinced? No problem. Let’s break it down further.

Pricing Algorithms

Using our handy pricing algorithms can increase your income. In tandem with Airbnb, we determine the best price to charge to rent your property. We’ll take into account what season we’re in and whether there are any cool events in town.

And yes, that means the price will go up when the Maple Leafs of Raptors are in the playoffs. It means hiking up prices if Justin Bieber or Drake or the Weeknd is playing the Air Canada Centre, too.

Plus, wouldn’t you rather be at those events, and not working as a host while they’re going on?

Yeah, I thought so.

Diversified Property Listings

Pictures and description are what can make your listing stand out from the crowd. But with everyone trying to find a way to differentiate their listings, it becomes even harder to prove you’re different.

Not with us. We conduct extensive research to determine the best way to market your property.

On top of that, we help diversify your listings so that future guests know without a doubt that they would get a hotel experience with you. It’s not just about being in a hot market and tourist hotbed like Toronto, no – it’s about proving you’re the best place for your guests while they’re around.

Competition is always fierce. Why not get some back-up to stack the odds in your favor?

* Raises hand *

We can do that for you!

To break it down as simply as possible, if you’re a property manager in the Toronto area, one of the smartest decisions you can make is beginning a relationship with a property management company, like us, here at Host Kick, for example.

We’ll work to make your life easier, your pockets fuller, and your time more plentiful. We’ll create a true hotel experience for your guests, and make you into a total boss.

So reach out, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to work with you (and your property).

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